Perfect Auto-Updating Photo Frame Using Unbound And Dropbox

Unbound HD for Dropbox (AppStore Link)
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Unbound HD for Dropbox
Developer: Pixite LLC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Pixite LLC, makers of popular photo apps for iOS like Tangent, Fragment, and Web Albums, announces a big update to their Dropbox photo management apps, Unbound for iPhone and Unbound HD for iPad. Both apps offer Dropbox users an elegant way to browse their photos and videos both online and offline, as well as other features like automatically syncing the Camera Roll to Dropbox, printing to Walgreens, collaging, and posting photos to Facebook and Twitter.

Version 1.2 also now features auto-updating slideshows that allow users to play a slideshow on the iPhone or iPad and update the slideshow dynamically from any computer linked to Dropbox. This is a fantastic feature for people who want to share photos with loved ones who have their iPads set up as photo frames using Unbound, as well as for businesses that want to update content dynamically from a remote computer to iPads used for displays in stores and kiosks.

"Unbound is a full-featured Dropbox client that lets you browse, manage, and share your photos and videos, and we're always looking for ways to make it more fun and useful," says Pixite co-founder Eugene Kaneko. "We hope that Unbound customers are able to more easily share their photos with people who matter using the new auto-updating slideshow, social network connectivity, and photo printing options."

Unbound version 1.2 features:
* Built-in AirPlay capabilities
* Passcode lock
* Photo and video syncing from the Camera Roll (Auto Uploads)
* Photo and video uploads in batches from the Camera Roll
* Background uploading
* Auto-updating slideshow
* Manage photo folders on Dropbox
* Print photos to AirPrint printers and to Walgreens
* Email and post photos to Facebook and Twitter
* Built-in collaging

Unbound and Unbound HD are $2.99 each and available exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category as separate iPhone and iPad apps.

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