Photo Transfer WiFi 2.0 Introduces Dropbox Support

Photo Transfer WiFi - Drag&Drop to any iPhone/iPad/Desktop your photos and videos (AppStore Link)
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Photo Transfer WiFi - Drag&Drop to any iPhone/iPad/Desktop your photos and videos
Developer: Simplex Solutions Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Simplex Solutions Inc. announces that Photo Transfer WiFi, their advanced solution for transferring photos and videos from and between iDevices, has been just ungraded to the version 2.0. The new version adds ability to upload and download photos and videos from Dropbox with the drag and drop, improves overall usability and fixes known problems.

Photo Transfer WiFi is one of the most comprehensive photo transfer tools for iPhones and iPads. It enables their owners to effortlessly share Camera Roll content between iPhones and iPads, move pictures and clips to computers and mobile devices connected to the same local network and upload or download them to Dropbox.

The users of iDevices with installed Photo Transfer WiFi can share content straight within their applications, while the owners of other mobile devices and computers can download photos and videos via the browser. The app comes handy, when the users need to eliminate clutter within their Camera Roll, share best memories with friends and family or back up snapshots for anytime reference.

To crown it all, Photo Transfer WiFi is optimized to move photo albums, HD videos without compression and large file sizes. All transferred content remains lossless and preserves its EXIF data.

Photo Transfer WiFi ensures ultimate privacy and security of the users content. When the users select to share their photos and videos, they have the option to specify the shared content, thus keep remaining content secure. The content owners can also decide, what devices have the right to access their data.

Photo Transfer WiFi 2.0 is the Universal app. It can be ordered for $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category.

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