Photo Transfer WiFi makes sending photos from iOS devices a snap

Photo Transfer WiFi - Drag&Drop to any iPhone/iPad/Desktop your photos and videos (AppStore Link)
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Photo Transfer WiFi - Drag&Drop to any iPhone/iPad/Desktop your photos and videos
Developer: Simplex Solutions Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Based in New York - Simplex Solutions Inc., the developer of state-of-the-art iOS apps, today announces release of Photo Transfer WiFi for iPhone and iPad. The new application ensures straight and effortless way to transfer photos and videos from iPhones and iPads to any other devices and computers over WiFi connection. Photo Transfer WiFi is the Universal app and is available from Apple App Store for $2.99 USD.

The ever-increasing quality of mobile photography inspires iPhones and iPads owners to prefer their devices to traditional cameras for spontaneous capturing of precious moments. Unfortunately, further sharing of their photos with other devices and computers may be frustrating, as iOS native transfer options are limited and cumbersome.

New Photo Transfer WiFi provides the fast and direct way to get photos from iPhone or iPad onto other devices and computers and vice versa. The photos and videos are transferred in full resolution, without compression.

To ensure utmost convenience the new app takes away the hassle of transferring apps in a bunch and one by one alike.

Photo Transfer WiFi may act as a password protected web server that stores your shared photos and videos, and makes them available for other users with installed app or via the browser. The app is compatible with all known browsers.

Photo Transfer WiFi protects users' privacy and ensures security of their information via access rights management that grants access to personal information to the known and trusted devices. Moreover, the users have ability to control, which photos and videos are available for sharing.

With Photo Transfer WiFi the users can transfer their photos anywhere, anytime, at the speed of their local WiFi connection.

Photo Transfer is the universal app. It can be ordered for $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category.

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