Physical Education Community: Nicholas Stratigopoulos launches PEPLC app

PEPLC (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Nicholas Stratigopoulos
Price: free Download on the App Store

Physical and health education teacher, Nicholas Stratigopoulos today is proud to announce the release of PEPLC, his seventh app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. PEPLC is the one-time stop to the Physical Education Professional Learning Community for Collaborative Professional Development!

The #PEPLC Mission Statement - "Supporting Physical Education Teachers by exposing them to evidence-based research so they may question and change their teaching and leadership practices in order to enhance the learning outcomes of their students."

The PEPLC app features the following collaborative elements.

1) Directory of Learning Teams - PHE teachers within the #PEPLC community have been grouped into learning teams based on the learning theme(s) that he/she is interested in. The 5 themes are: Assessment, Curriculum & Programming, Innovation & Technology, Instructional Models, and Leadership & Mentoring.

2) G+ Hangouts on YouTube - Don't miss a single discussion! All G+ Hangouts are recorded live on YouTube and then saved for online viewing. G+ Hangout videos are carefully grouped by learning themes for easy access!

3) G+ Community - Join the #PEPLC G+ Community! Share & connect with other like-minded PHE teachers and get involved!

4) #PEPLC Hashtag - Follow the discussion on Twitter by using the #PEPLC hashtag! Keep yourself posted on updates and live YouTube recording of the G+ Hangouts!

5) #PEPLC Podcast - Can't sit down and watch the videos? Take the hangout with you in audio form and catch up on all things #PEPLC!

PEPLC 1.0 is a free application and is available to download worldwide through the App Store under the Education category.

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