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Step2Step Physics - Mechanics
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Nerd Island Studios, LLC is pleased to announce Step2Step Physics - Mechanics, an iPad app created by physics teachers to help students learn physics. Designed by a National Board Certified physics teacher and MIT graduate, the app mirrors the experience of a student working with a professional tutor: it breaks complex physics problems into simple steps and provides intelligent feedback based on incorrect answers.

Step2Step Physics - Mechanics contains a variety of question types, with classic physics problems such as "If a ball rolled off a cliff, how far from the base of the cliff would it land?", "How quickly does an elevator accelerate?", and "Will a race car skid as it goes around a banked turn? If so, in which direction?" A complete listing of the question types is available at Nerd Island Studios, LLC's website. The questions were chosen to help students prepare for major exams, such as the Advanced Placement (AP) Physics B exam.

In Step2Step Physics, most question types contain multiple question versions with randomized numbers so that two students working side by side on the same question can focus on the solution process rather than just typing the same answer. Questions vary in length from 4 steps for simple problems to 27 steps for the most complicated problem. Question steps require a variety of user interactions, including drag-and-drop, multiple choice, and number entry.

- 37 question types covering topics in Newtonian mechanics, the first semester of a typical high school or college algebra-based physics course
- Intelligent feedback on each step, tailored to specific incorrect answers
- Multiple user accounts on each device, with progress tracked independently
- Progress can be emailed from within the app
- Can be used by a single user, or as part of a 1:1 classroom environment

"We intend to use Step2Step Physics as a partial replacement for traditional homework in our own classes," explained Chris Bruce, Nerd Island Studios, LLC Lead Developer and high school physics teacher. "Unlike traditional homework, students must master the material in order to receive credit."

Step2Step Physics - Mechanics 1.0 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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