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Pic the logo - guess the brand
Developer: Jean-Marie Truelle
Price: free Download on the App Store

Mooniz Interactive Ltd. today is delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of their fun app 'Pic the logo - guess the brand.' As the name indicates, this impressive logo quiz is perfectly designed for anyone who finds guessing the name of the company by identifying its logo fun and interesting. But, this is not all. Pic the logo - guess the brand displays the logo in 4 different sections of the logo and these are mixed up, so a player sees only one section of the logo to identify the brand or the company correctly.

To make it even more interesting and interactive, the app includes features like power ups (hints) during the game that help players guess the logo correctly if they don't know or are not too sure about the answer. The powerups include options like revealing a logo, a letter, or removing letters. Additionally, a player can also share their screen via Facebook or Twitter to ask their friends for help and move onto to the next logo to identify the company it is associated with. Apart from asking for assistance, the app also enables players to challenge their friends and test their logo guessing skills as well to make it even more interesting.

This addictive logo guessing quiz promises unlimited fun with hundreds of logos of the most famous companies being included. Simple design and an attractive layout make Pic the logo - guess the brand a fun quiz game to play for newbies as well as experts.

Pic the logo - Guess the brand 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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