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Pictures Mania HD 2 (AppStore Link)
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Pictures Mania HD 2
Developer: Racoon Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Racoon Digital Technology today is pleased to introduce Pictures Mania HD 2 v1.0 for iPad, their newest spot the difference game, which includes 100 levels and 3 modes of play.

"In this latest version of Pictures Mania, you get 100 levels and all 3 modes of play unlocked," stated a spokesperson for Racoon Digital Technology. "Pictures Mania HD2 has got more than 1000 five-star ratings on App Store in China."

In the Top 25 Family Games in the Chinese App Store since its release on Dec. 1, 2011, it features pairs of beautiful, still life photos from everyday life in China. For 1 or 2 players, puzzle fans have just 2 minutes to spot all 5 differences between the photos, touching them as fast as possible to score points and avoiding errors that cost 10 seconds. The challenging game offers 3 modes of play: Arcade, Challenge, and Versus, and includes Magical Magnifiers for hints and optional, in-app purchases.

With a sophisticated scoring system that awards points based on both difficulty and time expended, Pictures Mania HD is not an ordinary spot the difference game. The still life, HD photos are all expertly composed and lit, and the differences are not easily noticed. Most enjoyable of all are the unusual photographs themselves, unusual only in that they are from everyday life in China, rather than the typical photos that picture scenes from life in the U.S. Still life photos of meals, cooking, desk tops, vegetables, flowers, money, puppets, etc. are distinctly Chinese photos, and studying them carefully, searching for the differences between the side-by-side photos, also reveals the fascinating differences between them and their American counterparts.

In Arcade mode, the player has 2 minutes to find all 5 differences and errors result in a 10 second penalty. The faster they are found, the more points each difference scores. A Magical Magnifier, which reveals one difference yet to be discovered, can be used to complete a level if necessary, but there are a limited number available. In Challenge mode, time remaining after finishing a level determines the amount of time available on the next level. In addition, in this mode one photo may be flipped, with left/right relationships reversed. Animated Trouble Balloons may appear, obscuring the photos, and the player must use precious time to drag them out of the way. The Versus mode is a competition game between two players. The player finding the most differences at any level scores a win, and the first player to score 3 wins is the winner of the game.

Pictures Mania HD 2 v1.0 isavailable worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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