Pin Your World: A Game to Test Your Geography Skills

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Net Minds has released Pin Your World - Free 1.0.3 for iOS, a freemium game that challenges players to correctly place a pushpin in a map, as close as possible to the city or state whose name is displayed as text.

"Pin Your World is the perfect game for family fun, education, and gamers eight years old and up," stated Rene Linden of Net Minds. "Not many players will be able to score points in every round, which is a goal that every gamer can aim for."

After players insert their pin at any map location, the app displays a red flag pin on the map, corresponding to the exact location in question. A green line measures the distance between the two pins, and the shorter the distance the higher the score. Players have 10 seconds per round with 10 rounds per game, two levels of gameplay, and can play 1-player games alone or 2-player games via Game Center.

Pin Your World Gameplay

At launch in landscape orientation, players first select the 1 or 2-player game. Then, they can choose the Normal or Advanced level of play. Last, they choose a map on which to play. The app comes with six different maps of which five are locked, and in the version downloaded free from the U.S. App Store, the unlocked map is the U.S. At the start of play, Pin Your World displays the name of a U.S. city or state, which the player must locate on the map and insert their pin into that point. A targeting reticle allows players to zero in on the map, which includes only the boundaries of each state and no text. Players have just ten seconds to align the crosshairs and then press the pin button, which inserts a large pin accompanied by a loud twang.

With the player's pin inserted, the app inserts a pin of its own, a red flag that marks the correct location on the map. A green line between pins measures the distance between the player's answer and the correct answer, and the app awards points accordingly. The shorter the distance the higher the score, and if the guess is more than approximately 500 miles away, no points are scored. The game displays the exact distance and score after each round, and totals the score at the end of ten rounds.

Designed as a freemium game, players can make optional, in-app purchases to unlock all levels of play, unlock all maps, and unlock all player pins. The free game is quite challenging and players will be surprised how often they score no points in a round. Major cities are generally easier to locate than Midwestern states like Idaho, but whether searching for a city or a state, players will need to think fast to insert their pin in less than ten seconds.

Pin Your World - Free 1.0.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. In-app purchases are available to unlock more of the app's contents.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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