Pinzator - Puzzles with paper body parts, furry animals and gravity

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Pinzator Free
Developer: Hangar 4 Projetos LTDA
Price: free Download on the App Store

Totmob, a division of Kinetics, has announced Pinzator for iOS. In this game, Totmob has developed some very original game mechanics. Basically the game space is a pin-board, and the characters have been broken up into paper body parts each one attached by 2 pins. The object of the game is to reassemble the character. To do this, the player has to maneuver each part into place, by removing one of the pins, tilting the device to swing the part around, to connect it with another body part or maybe re-pin it. Each connection is color-coded, and has a magnetic style behavior. If a body part touches the edge of the game space the player loses and has to start the puzzle again.

The game offers several ways of playing, which means that each puzzle can be replayed several times and still offer something new. The first way of playing doesn`t take into account the number of moves to solve a puzzle. The player can just keep pinning and unpinning the parts and connecting them until the puzzle is finished. However at the start of each puzzle, a Challenge is laid down. The game suggests a minimum amount of moves in which to do the puzzle. If the player can finish the puzzle in that amount of moves, or less, he gets a Star for that puzzle. The Challenges get very hard as the player progresses towards the more advanced puzzles.

Each puzzle set has to be unlocked, so the game has a sequence to it. However the player doesn`t have to play all the previous puzzles to unlock it. The last puzzle in each set is the one that unlocks the next set, so a player could fast track his way to the last puzzle, if he wishes to.

The animal characters are imaginary and have a fairly original look. Once a puzzle is completed, the player gets rewarded with super-furry fully rendered and shaded version of each character. The gameplay has been tuned to allow a new player to have fun from the very start. The pace picks up gently but surely in level after level.

Feature Highlights:
- 8 puzzle levels
- 8 engaging animal characters
- Different ways of playing each puzzle
- Original game mechanics
- Absorbing gameplay
- Ages 7 and upwards

Pinzator has free and paid (ad free) versions both in HD and normal resolutions, available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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