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WordCrasher Blitz (AppStore Link)
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WordCrasher Blitz
Developer: Kevin Ng
Price: free Download on the App Store

Independent game developer Pixels on Toast launched WordCrasher Blitz for iOS today. Based on the hit game WordCrasher, the game is a universal app, and is free to play.

In WordCrasher Blitz, letters drop onto the screen and can be made into words, destroying them in the process. If the screen fills up, it's Game Over. Long words and rare letters score high, and combining the two will bring the highest scores.

WordCrasher Blitz adds a new game mode, Quick Game, to the existing Marathon and Flood Panic modes. Quick Game is a more relaxed experience which takes a couple of minutes to play, ideal for short gaming sessions. This new version of the game also adds letter multipliers, adding a new layer of strategy to the mix.

WordCrasher Blitz features realistic, tactile physics with letters that bounce, stack, roll and respond to tilt. With more than 190,000 words recognized, every unique word you enter is tracked — the game even tracks your vocabulary. Players can earn WordMaster badges while playing in three game modes - Marathon, Flood Panic and Quick Game. WordCrasher includes Game Center and OpenFeint to make it easy to challenge friends and show off achievements.

WordCrasher Blitz is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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