Pixorial Rolls Out New Enhancements Across its Video Platform

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New Developments Improve Video Processing and Quality Across Devices

Pixorial, the video storytelling platform for consumers, today announced a list of enhancements to exceed expectations for video quality, processing and the playback of consumer video. These latest improvements provide consumers with a rich video platform for collecting, editing and sharing life's video moments.

With these new enhancements, users will notice an improvement in the processing speed and quality of all of their videos at the point of uploading, editing and sharing. Videos previously uploaded to Pixorial will be upgraded during a staggered rollout to ensure optimal performance for all Pixorial customers. Users who wish to move to the front of the line for the performance upgrade to existing videos can fill out a brief survey.

John Martyniak, SVP of Product Development and Operations, for Pixorial stated, "Pixorial is on a growth streak and with that comes a need to continually scale and enhance our infrastructure. We've removed the complexities that come with video to provide the best experience to collect, edit and share video memories without limitations."

Pixorial's video performance upgrade includes the following improvements:

Optimized Video Quality:
- Delivers 16.9 aspect ratio for widescreen-quality video viewing across iOS and Android mobile devices
- Supports a wider variety of media formats so that consumers don't have to worry about what video types are supported - it just works
- Provides increased playability and higher quality viewing for Apple TV and Google TV
- Shared and embedded videos now have greater playback quality regardless of how the content was collected (upload, conversion, recorded from mobile phone, shared via email, posted to blog, etc.)
- Greater video quality while in editing mode with Producer

Better Processing:
- Faster video processing for all formats
- Non-destructive editing, which leaves users with an unaltered original copy of their edited videos
- Advanced queuing, reporting and analytic system for improved customer satisfaction and issue resolution

Pixorial 1.1.6 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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