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Solar Walk™ - Planets of the Solar System (AppStore Link)
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Solar Walk™ - Planets of the Solar System
Developer: Vito Technology Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Vito Technology today is happy to announce a new update of their award winning Solar System model for iPhone and iPad. Highly praised by parents and teachers all over the world and featured in Apple's AppStore Best of 2012 selection, Solar Walk now comes with high resolution surface textures of the Earth. Mars, Venus, and the Moon, as well as 3D models of human spaceflight missions in unprecedented detail. You can visit in person the sight of Apollo 17 landing and witness Lunar rover in action, launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, and it's repair.

Solar Walk 3D Solar System is famous for stunning graphical effects on the edge of hardware abilities. The latest update introduces high resolution surface textures of Earth, Moon, Mars and Venus allowing the users to explore the planets in amazing detail.

Other additions include three new human-made spacecraft models. This time, the developers present Appollo 17 with Lunar Rover Vehicle, the Launch of Hubble Telescope, the Repair of Hubble Telescope. Added to already available detailed 3D models of Curiosity, Apollo 11, and Luna 17, the collection covers the most prominent achievements of humanity in space exploration.

Each object in the app comes with Information tab, that brings on screen all kinds of data about the object: size, mass, and orbital velocity, history of missions, and thickness of structural layers of planets and their atmospheres. Every object has a media library with amazing photographs. For those not into facts and figures, a newly added "Did you know" section will open the most interesting details.

High resolution textures and 3D models of Appollo 17 with Lunar Rover Vehicle, the Launch of Hubble Telescope, the Repair of Hubble Telescope. are available through InApp purchase.

Solar Walk App Highlights:
* 3D Mode - if you have 3D glasses, you are in for a treat
* 3D Model of the Milky Way Galaxy - you can zoom out and find out exactly how it looks and where we are in it
* High Resolution Planets - zoom and rotate all planets and satellites to see every crater on the Moon or clouds on Venus - Tap (i) to read info about any object
* Satellites - detailed 3D models of the most interesting man-made satellites, with info, history, and images
* Time Machine - how else can you show the laws of nature if not in motion
* Educational Movies - 7 explanatory movies about the most fascinating natural phenomena such as the Solar eclipse, tides, Moon phases, season change, zodiac cycle and more with multilingual subtitles and voice-over in English
* Search - points of interests of the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus
* Big Screen - connect a second display to view the sky on a big screen
* No Internet connection required

Solar Walk 3D Solar System Model 2.2 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is $2.99 (USD). It is available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Education category.

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