Play and Create a Scary Atmosphere for Your Halloween Party

isoundGrid Halloween for iPad (AppStore Link)
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isoundGrid Halloween for iPad
Developer: WebbForce
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

iSoundGrid Halloween, a soundboard for iPad from developer Mobz Technologies, is the ultimate app to scare your friends and your neighbors when you go out trick or treating. Make scary stories even scarier when you add creepy sound effects and horrifying music to your tales. Spook your classmates and co-workers in the classroom and the office unsuspectedly. Annoy your siblings out of bed with a screaming wake up call. The possibilities are endless with our Halloween Sound Shelf sound collection. Add a little flavor to your jokes this app by intensifying the suspense.

iSoundGrid Halloween for iPad contains 10 looping background sounds for setting up your basic scary ambiance. On top of that you can simultaneously play 40 creepy sound effects at the click of a button.
All sound effects are professional hifi stereo sounds, so for even more effect plug in your stereo.

But wait, it gets even better. In auto-play mode your iPad will play random sounds at random time. This way you will have your hands free and join the party! In shake-mode you just shake your iPad and a random sound will be played. And for the more musical users we even added a piano keyboard for playing tunes using the sound effects.

Fans of Horror and Halloween will love it, the possibilities are endless:
* Kids will love it
* Very easy and fun to use
* The perfect app during Trick-or-Treating and other scary events
* IOS7 support
* 10 looping Ambient atmosphere sounds
* 40 HIFI Stereo sound effects
* Auto-play mode plays effects automatically
* Shake-mode plays effects on shaking
* Piano keyboard for playing tunes
* Pitch of sounds changeable
* Volume of sounds changeable

Sounds included are:

heartbeat, basement-drip, country-eve, drone-bounce, drone-pulsing, drone-rumble, drone-shimmer, eve-crickets, residential-night, windy-ghosttown

snake-rattle, hydro-machine, windy-woosh, grenade-explode, rock-break, door-close, door-open, angry-crowd, arrow-impact, arrow-shot, chainsaw, clock-noon, creak-wood, creature-gargle, creature-roar, creature-scream, dinosaur, earthquake, female-scream, firetruck, footsteps-cement, forest-fire, hawk, jaguar-growling, junk-crash, loon-calls, monster-screech, owl, phone-nocon, poison-cooking, scifi-alarm, scifi-dream, sinister-laugh, start-chainsaw, sword-scrape, sword-swipe, thunder, werewolf-growl, wind-chimes, window-crash, witch-laugh, wolf-howl

iSoundGrid-Halloween 1.4 is $1.99 (USD). It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment and Lifestyle category.

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