Play-Doll Invites Kids to Create Characters and Customized Scenes for Imaginative Stories

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Play Town -Free App for Kids
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SK Planet recently released Play-Doll For Kids, a family-friendly app that enables children to pick and create characters for their own personalized stories that can be shared with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, has more than 50 dolls, including a princess, a dinosaur and a vampire that users can personalize to create an adventure like no other.

Play-Doll is designed to enable children to use their imagination to create their perfect story. To start, users can scroll through the variety of characters they may want in their story. Story creators can do complete costume changes with the characters, including clothing, hairstyles and accessories such as shoes and bags.

In a sea of thousands of apps, Play-Doll has educational value as it exposes children to characters of all cultures, shapes and sizes. A recent Nielsen survey shows that the iPad is the most desired product during the holiday season, with smartphones and the iPod Touch not far behind, among children ages six to 12. Play-Doll encourages children to think outside of the box, interact and create a story they are proud to share with their loved ones.

Once characters are selected and customized, users then pick the setting of their story, such as a party or in the jungle. Children are able to make their stories come to life by recording and applying their voices to the characters and by moving characters on the Play-Doll set. Play-Doll also enables users to record their story to share with family and friends through Play-Doll's Share Board.

Play-Doll is a free Android and iOS app available immediately at the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

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