Pocket Clubber: GTL for iOS Debuts Augst 30


pocket-clubber for iphoneApp Partner Development is pleased to announce that Pocket Clubber: GTL, their new iOS simulation game, will be available on the App Store on August 30th, 2011. In Pocket Clubber: GTL players get to create and customize their very own Clubber. Then they'll have to take care of him by giving him what every good Clubber needs ... trips to the gym, a nice orange tan, and clean laundry. Once their Clubber is ready for prime time they can take him to The Club and challenge other Clubbers to dramatic dance battles.

Pocket Clubber Mini Games

To customize their Clubbers players can choose from a variety of clothing styles, hair styles, and accessories in the in-game store. The Clubber will also dynamically respond to how the player takes care of it. If the players don't work out their Clubbers, the Clubbers will get skinny and weak. If they don't go tanning the Clubber will get pale. If they don't do the Clubber's laundry their Clubber will start to emit some unattractive odors. The player has to play 3 mini-games to keep their Clubber healthy.


In the Gym mini-game the player can either hit the bench press or the treadmill. When doing the bench press the player must button mash his way through reps and sets to keep his Clubber looking good. When running on the treadmill the player must use his fingers to keep the treadmill moving while matching the pace of the treadmill's AI. A fit body doesn't come easy!


In the Tanning mini-game the player must activate a series of meters and switches at the right time to give their Clubber the perfect tan. If they're off by too much their Clubber's tan will not look very sweet.


In the Laundry mini-game the player must flick clothes into a series of washing machines. The more shots the player makes the more laundry they do!

Once the player's Clubber is fit, tan, and fresh enough they can go to The Club where they can challenge other Clubbers to epic dance battles. The player can string together a dance routine from 9 different dance animations including the Soldier, Hippity-Hoppity, and of course the classic Fist Pump. First Clubber to dance away their opponents hit points wins cash to spend in the store! Here's a list of the full feature set in Pocket Clubber: GTL.

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