PocketPharmacist 3.1: #1 iOS Drug App Automatically Detects Interactions

PocketPharmacist - Drug Information, Interaction Checker, and Medication Organizer (AppStore Link)
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PocketPharmacist - Drug Information, Interaction Checker, and Medication Organizer
Developer: Danike, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Danike is pleased to announce an update to their medical app, PocketPharmacist 3.1, for iOS. This update includes a feature called Med Check, which is an automatic review of the user's drug regimen for possible interactions, precautions, and side effects. The best selling app provides instant lookup of all drugs, clear and informative summaries, and pill management. The app is a resource-filled, all-in-one solution to drug management created by pharmacist, Michael Guren. PocketPharmacist was voted the #1 pharmacy app by iPhoneLife and has been in the top five of all Medical apps in the U.S. App Store since December 2011.

"Users love PocketPharmacist's simple design and clarity of drug information," says Michael Guren, Founder and CEO of Danike, Inc. "We are excited about the release of Med Check, a ground-breaking new way to automatically detect issues with drug compatibility. Med Check is an industry first, allowing users to easily detect and understand drug interactions."

Who Should Use PocketPharmacist:
- Individuals on two or more medications
- Children of parents on confusing medication regimens
- Nurses & Nurse Assistants
- Case workers / Social workers
- Students
- Pharmacists
- Doctors

Specifically designed to be easy to use, authoritative, and clear, Michael Guren has personally created built-in entries for the 1,100+ most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. By eliminating infrequently used information, he has made PocketPharmacist a reference tool that provides a common language that can be used by and between patients, caregivers, support services, medical students, and health care professionals.

Highlighted Features:
- PocketPharmacist immediately returns search results as each letter is typed
- Can't remember how to spell the drug's name? - just tap Spelling Suggestions
- Navigate with ease - drug information is neatly organized into categories and additional details are only one tap away
- PocketPharmacist's descriptions are always easy to understand

Med Check
- Life saving alerts - Med Check removes the confusion from analyzing separate medications for interactions
- Automatically checks for interactions, precautions, and side effects
- Medical jargon can sound like a foreign language, but all Med Check descriptions are written in plain English
- Overlapping side effects, where two or more medications may have the same adverse drug reaction, are highlighted

- Easily organizes the user's medications, allergies, and medical providers
- Tracks and records drugs as they are taken, eliminating overdoses or missed doses
- All Pillbox information can be easily shared in a clearly formatted email to a doctor, pharmacist, caregiver, health worker, or healthcare facility
- Optional password protection of all information in Pillbox

In addition to its built-in database of 1,100+ drugs, PocketPharmacist includes an online search function that quickly displays within the app both summary and detailed information on all 25,000+ drugs available. Also accessible from the app are an online pill identifier and a medical dictionary, as well as FDA updates, current health news, and health topics via MedlinePlus.

PocketPharmacist 3.1 - The Tool for Prescription Drugs & Medications is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Medical category. Review copies are available on request.

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