Police Car ID 1.0 - The App Store's First Police Car Identification App


Black & Yellow Developers today are pleased to announce the launch of Police Car ID. University of Pittsburgh students Brian Yankello and Elliot Domagola are responsible for the development of the application. The whole process for Police Car ID has taken roughly one month. "My friend called me early one morning to tell me that he sold over 200 copies of his Yinzer app in one day. I remember after I hung up, I just sat in bed and knew I needed to think of a great app idea," said Brian. The next day, Brian Yankello called his friend Elliott Domagola, who has coded two iPhone apps of his own with an idea and less than one month later, the app was finished.

Brian Yankello, a car enthusiast, created police Car ID. "I have always loved cars, ever since I can remember I would try to memorize features of cars and point them out when driving down the road," said Brian. Working at a BMW, Audi, and Porsche dealership taught him a lot about cars and it helped fuel his desire to learn more and more about them. "Memorizing the unique shapes of headlights and body panels became almost a game to me, I could spot a car through my rear-view mirror at night just by its lights. I can spot a cop car from hundreds of feet away sometimes." After realizing how his ability to spot police cars, especially undercover ones, can prevent many tickets, he knew he needed to share his knowledge. With the success his friends were making with iPhone apps, it became a perfect idea to make an iPhone app and share his knowledge with everyone else to help prevent tickets.

Elliott Domagola, a 19-Year-Old sophomore at The University of Pittsburgh, taught himself all of the coding necessary just one year prior, and has been improving ever since. He went on to create two apps, The Saxophone and AP Biology Vocabulary Review. Elliott is currently teaching himself how to develop android applications to compliment his iPhone portfolio.

Brian Yankello, a 19-Year-Old sophomore at The University of Pittsburgh as well, has done freelance logo and graphic design work for various companies. A marketing major, Brian has always come up with unique ideas to make money and has now moved into advertising and promoting iPhone apps as well as websites.

Police Car ID will help you identify police cars across the US to encourage cautious driving. With model specifications and images for each car, this app is a handy tool for all drivers. There is a tips and secrets page as well containing useful information regarding undercover cop cars and driving techniques to prevent tickets.

Police Car ID 1.0 is $0.99 available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

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