POM Games releases Twin Swords 1.0 - New Adventure Game for iOS

Twin Swords (AppStore Link)
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Twin Swords
Developer: roy sadaka
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

POM Games today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Twin Swords 1.0, their new adventure game for iOS devices. Perfect for both kids and adults alike, players enter the shoes of two princes, Edwin and Baldric, in a courageous journey full of epic plot, challenging puzzles and lots of action. Princess Leila has been kidnapped by a dark wizard, who wishes to use her royalty blood to create an immortality potion. Go on a quest to the Dark Lands of Glandur kingdom, to rescue Princess Leila!

It started as a beautiful day in Glandur Kingdom. Princess Leila was picking flowers for her brother - Prince Edwin - who finally agreed to take her on a hunting trip, but the dark wizard had different plans that day... evil plans. Princess Leila was kidnapped!

Join Prince Edwin and Prince Baldric in their epic journey to forge the most powerful blade known to man, 'The Blade of Phoenix', and save their beloved sister from the hands of the dark wizard. But beware, the road to the dark lands is not an easy one. The wizard has filled it with traps and monster enemies. Defeat them all by acquiring legendary weapons, collecting mythological items and mastering devastating spells! Explore the stunning areas of 'Glandur Kingdom' complete with varying terrain, challenging mazes, intelligent enemies, original music and sound effects, and hidden items:

* Amorad Town
* Eglerion Forest
* The River Of Sands
* The Deceptive Caves
* The Peaks of Nassor
* The Deathly Swamps
* The Lava Lands
* The Dark Wizard's Castle

Feature Highlights:
* 44 challenging puzzles to solve
* Dynamic action with simple touch controls
* Acquire powerful magic to defeat your enemies: Fire, Blizzard, Vortex and Thunder Spells
* Unleash the wrath of the Ultamean Lions
* Control two characters in epic battles
* Fight fearless monster enemies and face boss battles
* interact with game characters
* Collect golden, sapphire and emerald gems throughout your journey
* Assemble mythological items to enhance your abilities

Master legendary blades:
* 'The Glorious Blade'
* 'The Ember Blade'
* 'The Blade of the Titan'
* 'The Blade of Glandur'
* 'The Blade of Quietus'
* 'The Blade of the Phoenix'

Twin Swords 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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