Poo Poo Monkey Has Been Launched, and Its Causing A Poo Storm

Poo Poo Monkey (AppStore Link)
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Poo Poo Monkey
Developer: John Smythe
Price: free Download on the App Store

Something smells funky with Poo Poo Monkey! This new game, released on December 5, 2013, guarantees some laugh-out-loud competition as players try to save Poo Poo Monkey using the most deadly of weapons.

Poo Poo Monkey is threatened by more than 30 different creatures during his travels through the jungle to collect bananas, and the only way to combat his nemeses is by flicking killer poo at them.

And not just your garden-variety poo, either. Poo Poo Monkey players collect bananas to buy potent poo power-ups, so there's Flaming Poo. And a real Poo Storm.

"The Poo Poo Monkey App is designed with the playful in mind," said developer John Smythe, of Australia. "It's easy for game enthusiasts to get, but presents the player with fun and engaging challenges."

Players powering up to try and save Poo Poo Monkey will find great songs and hilarious sound effects as they work their way through 10 fun levels of play, each presenting a progressively more difficult challenge along with some pretty sweet graphics.

During the game, players will find parachutes to help. The different parachutes each drop a load of poo to use against Poo Poo Monkeys foes - along with toxic gas and other options, too.

By completing levels, players win POO medals that can now be shared with the Facebook option. Game enthusiasts won't want to wait too long to check out the Poo Poo Monkey app! This Version 1.2 is available for both iPhone and iPad, and is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later systems.

* 10 fun levels which get harder and harder
* Creature kill combo system
* 30 different creatures to kill
* Great song and sound effects
* Win POO medals
* 4 great power-ups

Poo Poo Monkey 1.2 is available in the Games category of the iTunes store for free, with an in-app purchase to disable ads.

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