PopStar Bubbles App Bursts onto Gaming Scene

A PopStar Bubbles - Free Fun Addicting Brain Puzzle Block Game (AppStore Link)
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A PopStar Bubbles - Free Fun Addicting Brain Puzzle Block Game
Developer: Shawn Mottley
Price: free Download on the App Store

Mango King Studios today announced the launch of its "PopStar Bubbles - Free Addictive Puzzle," the newest smart app in the company's gaming arsenal. Capitalizing on the addictive pastime of popping bubbles, users pop, tap and burst their way to a higher score by removing groups of planets of the same color.

The Challenge:
Easy to learn but hard to master, each level has a certain number of target points. Although no time limit is imposed, players who fail to master the art of the pop remain at the game's lowest phase. A system of bonus points helps gamers burst into upper levels.

The Addiction:
The new app is already racking up favorable reviews. "PopStar" Amanda Lower describes how the puzzle is ideal for helping users unwind: "[This app is] great when [you're] upset or just having fun. It's like bubble wrap - nothing better to handle your frustrations than popping bubbles!"

Gamer Apek Shadora adds, "Awesome ... If I could give this game more [than] 5 stars I would, and since it has bubble[s] in it, even better."

Mango King Studios is no stranger to the addictive, gaming craze. The development company is also author of several other quirky but fun pastimes, including "Angry Ninja Bears" and "Zombie Motorcycle Road World War."

A PopStar Bubbles - Free Fun Addicting Puzzle 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The full version costs just $0.99 (USD).

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