Popular Smart Puzzle Game App Launches Worldwide


Memozzle, a social card-matching mobile game by Madrid-based startup, NETPLAY Solutions, officially launches in worldwide, and reaches top 5 ranking in Spain and Italy. This high-speed game encourages users to exercise their skill in memory with some competitive elements; players can compete against their Facebook and Twitter friends, or challenge other people from all over the world, earning achievements, power-ups and leaderboard rankings.

"The aim of this app was to create something that allowed people to exercise a specific personal skill when playing - Memozzle is our first step on that direction," says Patrick Raibaut, CEO of NETPLAY Solutions.

Memozzle is based on the idea of card object matching. Each game consists of three 1 minute rounds that gradually increase in difficulty, with the first round consisting of 18 cards, and the third; 36. The game features five different levels of difficulty - users will be able to put their memory skills under pressure, once they gain enough points to unlock the levels that follow. Players can banter and communicate with their opponents with Memozzle's chat feature, allowing users to put a face to their fellow gamers. Special abilities are also earned throughout the game, such as "Replay", if a user would like to re-do a round, and "Jokers" can be used to flip all the cards over, match three pairs, or add time to the clock.

"I have the ambition that Memozzle will become an appealing mobile game for people of all ages to exercise their memory skill, playing and having fun at the same time, all while making new friends," says Raibaut.

After only 6 months of Memozzle's presence in the Google Play Store, Android users in over 139 countries have played more of 12,000,000 rounds, and since its release in Spain and Italy, the game has reached top 5 in its category. This burst of interest in the game inspired NETPLAY to develop the game for iOS as well.

Memozzle 1.3 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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