Pot Smash Fulfills Our Innate, Human Need to Smash Stuff


Australian game development team Minimega Pty released Pot Smash for iOS devices and Android, today. Their first foray into the mobile gaming space, Pot Smash uses visual scanning, word skills and quick reactions to get users cracking and smashing pots.

Pot Smash (AppStore Link)
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Pot Smash
Developer: Minimega PTY LTD
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

MiniMega Founder/Creative Ben Huxter says it's the game's addictive and tactile nature that will see users returning to the game to challenge their high scores.

"Pot Smash is a simple casual game that piggybacks on a fundamental human truth, we all love smashing stuff," Ben says. "Pot Smash is a tension-releasing, instant gratification, feel-good game. We needed a project that was simple with a quick turn-around time because this is our first title for a mobile device. We're very interested to see what happens after the game goes live." 

Pot Smash is the first independently-funded project for MiniMega, who established their offices in Brisbane in February. Brothers Ben and Punya Huxter started developing brand-engagement games while working together at Sydney advertising agency M&C Saatchi. Ben worked as an Art Director while Punya worked in a Flash development role. Adam Corney, who joined the team this year in a business role, also worked with M&C Saatchi group. Together, the team has a unique understanding of interactive marketing tools for brands.

"We use games and games thinking to help brands achieve marketing objectives, and we also work on independent projects," Adam says. "Games are all about play. They have to be entertaining, but must also serve a broader need, be it educational, social, or even motivational. Of course ultimately, a game has to be fun."

Relocating to Brisbane was a logical choice for the team, who say the rapidly growing strength and diversity of the city's game development industry was a major draw card for them. "We made the game using the Corona framework, allowing us to easily build for both iOS and Android. The support we've received from others in this rapidly changing industry is really encouraging." Punya said.

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