Princetons EDGE Lab Revamps Smartphone Data Usage with DataWiz on iOS

DataWiz - Free Mobile Data Management & VoIP Calls (AppStore Link)
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DataWiz - Free Mobile Data Management & VoIP Calls
Developer: Sangtae Ha
Price: free Download on the App Store

Princeton University's EDGE Lab is proud to announce the immediate release of its smartphone data usage tracker, DataWiz 1.01 for iOS. As part of the EDGE Lab's state-of-the-art TUBE project, DataWiz helps users stay within their budget by monitoring their mobile device's usage and predicting future data needs. Now, users can take control of their mobile data plan, set alerts for their upcoming billing cycle, and avoid troublesome overcharges to stay within their budget.

DataWiz gives individuals full access to their smartphone's data usage information, educating users about their daily and hourly usage habits and the impact that these tendencies have on their billing cycle. Using an optional VoIP feature, the app measures cellular and Wi-Fi data in real-time without draining a smartphone's battery. DataWiz also includes usage prediction algorithms and alerts that users can set to data usage quota caps, helping individuals avoid extra fees and optimize their current plan.

"DataWiz is a tool for smartphone customers to really evaluate their data usage and reconsider the way in which they are approaching their current data plans," states Professor Mung Chiang, Director of Princeton's EDGE Lab. "In the age of '10 dollar every gigabyte', we are often confused about our mobile data usage. Sometimes we are also irritated by the surprises in our monthly bills. With its easy-to-use interface and money-saving features, DataWiz can be your personal bandwidth manager from the palm of your hand."

DataWiz for Android phones and tablets will soon be available followed by a Windows version for 3G dongle users.

DataWiz - Free Mobile Data Management 1.01 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

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