Print to PDF Saves Email, Web Pages and Documents from iPhone or iPad

Print to PDF for iPhone and iPad

With Print to PDF users can quickly save entire emails, web pages and documents to PDF from their iPhone or iPad.

ERCLab announces today Print to PDF for iPhone, iTouch and iPad, an utility that uses the built-in print functionality on the device to permanently save any email, web page or document as a PDF file.

Print to PDF takes advantage of the native AirPrint capability of iOS to create a virtual printer to save any document to PDF. This is ideal to save receipts, travel itineraries, emails or online articles that need to be quickly accessed later. To print to PDF, an user should simply launch the app to start the virtual printer, go to the Mail, Safari or any app with AirPrint support and use the 'Print' function to save a document to PDF.

The resulting files are automatically organized and can be quickly viewed at any time, even offline. PDFs may be viewed from within the app, or using the iOS “Open In” capabilities, within any other app that supports the format.

The latest version of the app adds device to device printing over wifi. This feature allows to print content from one device to another when connected to the same wifi network.

Print to PDF has quickly reached the top charts of the app store, becoming the top utility app in many countries with several hundred positive reviews from users around the world.

"This app is the perfect way to archive any document that you may want to access later. It's great to save receipts, articles or important emails" stated developer Enrique Rodriguez. "If you missed having the save to PDF function on your iOS device now you have it!"

Print to PDF Features:

  • Save entire emails and web pages to PDF
  • Save documents to PDF from any app with AirPrint support
  • PDF files can be viewed directly inside of the app or opened with other apps that support PDF files
  • Print from one device to another over wifi
  • Automatically organize emails and web pages in different folders
  • Share PDF files via email

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