Pro Media Now Inc/Bass Professor Launches a New Breed of Fishing Game

Fishing Paradise 3D Free+ (AppStore Link)
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Fishing Paradise 3D Free+
Developer: Pro Media Now Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

Pro Media Now Inc proudly announces the release of Fishing Paradise 3D 1.0.6, a new social fishing adventure available Free on iTunes App Store, Facebook's App Centre and the Google Play Store. Co-developed by fishing legend, The Bass Professor, embark on a global fishing adventure and travel to all the Professors favourite spots around the globe.

Catch Largemouth Bass in the crystal clear waters of Castaic Lake or hunt for the tropical monsters of the Mekong River, all rendered in beautiful 3D! With over 50 of the biggest and rarest species ever seen in a fishing game, you need both skill and a little luck if you hope to catch them all! Players can also build their own fishery, stock and breed their favourite species, invite friends, even enter tournaments with players for prizes.

Fishing Paradise 3D is fully cross platform, providing users with seamless gameplay experience. Users can play on iOS, Android and Facebook enabling the ability to start and finish games on the go, regardless of location. Hannon's expertise was consulted throughout the games development to replicate accurate fish attributes and behaviour not seen in other fishing games prompting to call it "One of the slickest fishing games we've seen."

Under the expert guidance of the Professor, he'll teach you everything you need to know from the first time you first pick up a rod and reel all the way to making it pro, with Doug's help you'll be landing lunkers in no time! With simple and intuitive controls the game is suitable for players all ages so visit the app store and join thousands of players around the world already building their own fishing paradise!

Fishing Paradise 3D is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. It is also available on Google Play.

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