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Easy ABC 123
Developer: Tom Dyess
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Dyess Software today is pleased to introduce Easy ABC 123 (v1.0) for iPad. Students not engaged in learning over the summer months lose valuable skills in math and reading that can hold them back for the coming school year. Additionally, these losses are cumulative year over year. According to a report released by the Rand Corporation in 2011, children lose on average, a month of education in reading and math, every summer. This effect is cumulative. Over their entire high school career, this adds up to an entire year of education. Stimulating your child in reading and math is crucial to prevent a disadvantage in their scholastic careers.

Easy ABC 123 is designed to help prevent this knowledge drain by offering a entertaining, engaging app for the iPad for children at the K-5 (elementary) level. It helps kids learn and retain spelling and math skills through positive reinforcement, gradual progression through material, and an award system for achievements.

The app has 16 different games to play; 8 for spelling and letters (ABC), and 8 for numbers and math (123). Each game is slightly more difficult than the previous game, and the material of each game starts easy and gets progressively harder.

ABC games are based around 3 sets of 26 words starting from A to Z, and each set of words are progressively longer. The variety of vocabulary expands from common to curious with amazing photographs for reinforced recognition.

123 games include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, an introduction to numbers, a calculator and a free play game. 123 games include numbers from zero to twelve.

Free play games offer unlimited amount of "letters on the fridge" to spell even the longest names, build sentences and silly fun together!

Easy ABC 123 contains learning material that is suitable for toddlers just learning words and numbers, to 5th graders becoming proficient in spelling and math.

Easy ABC 123 (v1.0) is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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  • Tombo

    Our 3 year old loves this app. We love this app. There are so many conversations that start with all these pictures, and we can play together. She just loves being able to touch everything and see something happen. She's a little young for the math section other than counting, but when she gets older, she can use that too. A++