Pudding.to Attracts Half a Million Users Sharing Emotion-Themed Photo Sets

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Pudding.to, a photo-sharing app incorporated with emotion-tagging features, gained over 500,000 users within a week after its release, growing faster than Instagram when it was first released. Korean smart mobile company KTH released Pudding.to for the Android market and App Store earlier this month. Soon after its release in App Store, it was ranked as the no.1 downloaded free app in Korea, no.7 in Thailand, and 8th in Singapore.

During the past week, Pudding.to was downloaded 1.65 times per second, showing its immensely fast growth in popularity. Comparing this record with Instagram, one of the top camera apps in the US, which gained approximately 100,000 users after one week, this is an astonishing accomplishment. Also, while Instagram is only compatible with iOS devices, Pudding.to is welcomed by many users because of its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

This popularity is based on the fact that users can be creative with their photos by using beautiful filters, frames, and multi-layout features. Another reason for its popularity is its exclusive emotion-sharing feature, which allows users to share their emotions with their photos.

Pudding.to was produced by KTH based on its technical know-hows from Pudding Camera, which has a record of over 11 million downloads. Pudding.to has 13 free filters that give life to the photos, and each filter gives a different feeling. For example, the "I'm 17" filter makes the picture look brighter and makes people in the photo look younger. 'Fantasia' gives a dreamy feeling to the photo.

Pudding.to is most loved by its users because of its ability to share emotions. Users can choose their current emotion from 15 different selections, including "Lonely," "Joyful," and "Yummy." They can also tag music or locations with their photos and therefore share their everyday lives with their friends.

Moreover, users can also scan through photos that were taken by other users in nearby locations. Pudding.to even suggests friends to users based on the places they like to go or keywords and music they often tag. Through this feature, users can not only share photos with others, but create a new community in Pudding.to.

KTH produces many opportunities for its users to make new friends and enjoy the company by sharing their daily lives, their pictures, places they have visited and so many more via "Pudding Camera," "I'm IN," "Pudding.to" and many more.

A series of Pudding picture-based SNS apps from KTH (Korean Celeb Face Match, Pudding Camera, Pudding.to) was downloaded more than 22,000,000 times allowing its users to share their excitements and precious memories through pictures. The series became one of the top picture-based applications in Korea. Pudding Camera is especially loved throughout many different countries and ranked number one in picture based app markets in 14 countries, including France, Germany, Italy and China. It is also ranked top 4 in the US. Pudding Camera was highly praised by Mashable.

For more information on KTH, please visit www.kthcorp.com.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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