Puffer Train Games bring Old West to Japan

Puffer's Train Challenge (AppStore Link)
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Puffer's Train Challenge
Developer: Daniel Shelly
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iPhone puzzle games "Puffer's Train Challenge" and "Puffer's Train Challenge Lite" are now available for play in Japanese. Version 1.6 brings both improved game play and reduced memory usage to these family friendly games. As players enjoy the games, they will be treated to authentic images of historic trains and locations from throughout the Old West. Those with a sharp eye, might even recognize scenes or locations from some of their favorite Western movies along the way!

Version 1.6 of "Puffer's Train Challenge" and "Puffer's Train Challenge Lite" are the latest updates to the Puffer Train series of family friendly games for the iPhone and iPod touch platform. Available in English, French, German, Spanish and now Japanese, these games provide train puzzles to be solved using either "Zen mode" - a kids friendly format with unlimited moves per puzzle or "Star mode" - an online competitive format where player's scores allow them to earn points, collect bonuses, and open new levels for play. Both games start off simply, but soon grow increasingly complex. As puzzles are solved players will find themselves:

- Bridging rivers
- Tunneling through mountains
- Collecting stray cows
- Arranging tracks to allow Puffer the Locomotive to run

Together with companion game "Puffer Holiday Edition," a festive winter puzzle game, both "Puffer's Train Challenge" and "Puffer's Train Challenge Lite" are fully integrated with Apple's Game Center providing Leaderboards and a range of Achievements to be earned and shared online with friends. Game maker Shelly Data Doodles also provides a free online Player's Forum where puzzlers and gamers from around the world can come together to share tips, tricks, and puzzle solutions with one another.

We're excited about these new releases that bring a taste of the Old West to Japan, but we're not done yet! Watch for additional Puffer Train games arriving soon on the App Store from Shelly Data Doodles.

The Full version of "Puffer's Train Challenge" remains only $0.99 USD. Our free version, "Puffer's Train Challenge Lite" is also available. Both games are exclusively available on the App Store within the Games category.

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