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Pure Flickr - Browse, edit, upload, comment, share, favorite and view your Flickr photos in a pure and simple app (AppStore Link)
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Pure Flickr - Browse, edit, upload, comment, share, favorite and view your Flickr photos in a pure and simple app
Developer: Lee Black
Price: free Download on the App Store

Rheza Pahlevi, independent app developer, today is pleased to introduce Pure 1.2 for iOS, his Flickr Client Application featuring a clean, minimalist design, and fast browsing. With just single/double taps and vertical/horizontal scrolling, users can easily browse, upload, and download thousands of photos, and share them via integrated Facebook and Twitter connectivity. Pure lets users scroll left to reveal progressively more detail about each photo, seamlessly moving between the app and the photographer's Flickr Photostream page, which contains full information about the photo, viewer comments, and thumbnails of other photos.

Feature Highlights:
* Double-tap to Favorite a photo
* Fast and easy upload user interface
* Download your favorite photos
* Share your favorite photos on your social networks
* Fastest user interface of all Flickr clients
* Fresh and clean design for the UI
* Go to Photo Feed, Home, Favorites, Interesting, or Latest
* Operates in portrait orientation

The primary function of a Flickr Client app is browsing - scrolling through photos - stopping here and there to admire a special favorite. Compared to Flickr's own app and most other clients, Pure is pure joy to use. It is optimized to enhance the browsing experience. For example, when scrolling through the Interesting category, Pure does not squeeze many photos on each page. Instead, each photo receives the full width of the screen, allowing users to truly see the photos they are browsing.

At the same time, the app employs pre-fetching, downloading 10 photos at a time in advance. In this way, users can scroll through large photos, yet browse as quickly as they like. Dragging left on any photo displays the photograph against a black background with the title and author in white text (tapping the text removes it). Dragging/scrolling leftwards again immediately displays a magnified, full-screen, image that can be quickly shared using large Facebook or Twitter buttons. Scrolling left for the last time displays the photo at the top of the photographer's Photostream page, and scrolling right takes the user back into Pure. There are no delays, and no waiting for pictures to come into focus.

"Pure For Flickr offers speed, convenience, and style," commented developer Rheza. "It adheres strictly to the flat design concepts developed for iOS 7."

Pure For Flickr 1.2 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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