Puzzle Tales Captures Player's Hearts with Cuddly Photos of Baby Pets

This app is not currently available in the App Store.
Rivet Games

The game has a great family feel to it – and people are finding it very hard to put down once they start playing.

Rivet Games, developer and publisher of the next generation of web, social and mobile games, today launched ‘Puzzle Tales', a new game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A full-featured, multi-level puzzle game, Puzzle Tales challenges players to race against the clock and complete a series of different sliding puzzle scenes that walk through a complete picture story about a fun-loving group of adorable puppies and kittens.

Based on the popular sliding tile puzzle format, Puzzle Tales turns professional quality photo stories into a family-friendly game that is fun and easy-to-pick up for players of all ages. A free Puzzle Tale for iPhone and iPod touch is available now on the App Store. Four additional Tales are available in the paid app and Puzzle Tales for iPad includes all 5 Puzzle Tales as well as 20 additional puzzles and 6 special videos exclusive to the iPad. 

“Puzzle Tales takes a fun-loving cast of puppies and kittens and tells their stories through a fan favorite puzzle game concept – sliding tile puzzles,” said Jesse Janosov, chief executive officer of Rivet Games. “Building on the traditional mechanics of this popular puzzle style, we developed a full-featured mobile game that gets more challenging and keeps players entertained as they work their way through the storylines. The game has a great family feel to it – and people are finding it's very hard to put down once they start playing.”

For fans that love sliding puzzles, Puzzle Tales offers a highly engaging experience. As the puzzles in each Tale become more challenging, players must keep playing in order to find out what happens next to the playful band of cuddly creatures. The initial six Puzzle Tales are:

  1. Tale 1: Shiba Pup Scouts
  2. Tale 2: Kittens on Holiday
  3. Tale 3: Bulldog Birthday Bash
  4. Tale 4: Kitties' First Sleepover
  5. Tale 5: Puppy Prep School (iPad Only)
  6. Challenge Tale: Kittens on the Job

Each Puzzle Tale includes several social features in the game experience that let players share their progress with family and friends on popular social networks or through email. As each puzzle scene is completed, players can save the adorable baby pet images to their photo libraries, or leverage the game's social capabilities to share the images with friends and family on Facebook.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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