QAlert Mobile iPad App Helps Government Be More Efficient


QScend Technologies today announced QAlert Mobile, an iPad app that allows local government employees to respond to citizen service requests while in the field, thereby increasing their effectiveness and efficiency as they seek to close issues for their citizens as quickly as possible.

"A public works crew fills a pothole, takes out its iPad to snap a photo, and saves that photo to the record," said Keith LeBeau, President of QScend Technologies. "After closing that issue, the crew notices a pothole just reported that it'll pass on its way back to the garage.

QAlert Mobile integrates with a city's installation of QAlert, QScend's industry-leading citizen request management system. It places, at the fingertips of municipal employees, the entire detail of a service request record, including all submitter information, activity history, and integrated GIS data.

"Because there's still asphalt in the truck, the crew stops, fills the pothole, and closes that issue, too," added LeBeau. "Can you get any faster or more efficient than that?"

LeBeau said that QScend's tech team focused on the iPad because of its functionality and its size, all of which are unrivaled by other smaller tablets on the market running on other operating systems.

"Our research has shown, that with the data we need to display to users on a screen, and the clarity with which we need to show that data, the iPad is the best fit for QAlert Mobile," LeBeau said.

In addition to QAlert Mobile, which keeps crews and inspectors in the field, allowing them to record the actions they take to resolve citizen service requests without having to return to the office, QScend has also released its Report2Gov iPhone and Android apps.

Report2Gov allows citizens to notify their local government, complete with comments and photos, as soon as they discover an issue. When municipalities using QAlert act on those issues, citizens can see that information as well.

Danbury, CT, Hamilton Township, NJ, and Providence, RI, currently offer their citizens branded Report2Gov apps - Danbury Direct, HamStat, and ProvConnex, respectively. All are available in the App Store for free.

"We talk about e-government all the time, but mobile government is just as important these days," LeBeau said. "How many more calls in a day can a field worker fit in when he/she doesn't have to run to the office in the morning to gather data, or return in the afternoon to enter it? I would guess quite a few using QAlert Mobile."

While any citizen and any local government can take advantage of Report2Gov via a smartphone app or, QAlert Mobile must be implemented with QScend's QAlert software.

"There are a variety of apps that allow citizens to submit data, but there very few, if any, that we know of, that make a responder's job easier," said LeBeau. "That's the value of QAlert Mobile, and that's what sets us apart."

QScend's QAlert Citizen Request Management System

QScend's QAlert CRM allows local and county governments to implement a variety of tools that provide citizens a means to submit service requests, via phone, mobile app, or online, track their issues, interact with staff, and find answers they need via a knowledge base.

With QAlert, no citizen request for service is lost or forgotten. Municipal staff in a very busy call center, or a bustling department, can easily manage, respond to, and close service requests, thereby enhancing local government effectiveness and efficiency.

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