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QR code business card Application Yprintit has added a number of exciting new features that improve the business and social networking aspects of the application. Yprintit now supports adding a custom message such as a greeting or a note to the electronic business card, which is viewed automatically by the person who receives the card. A second new feature is the ability to add an image such as a passport photo or any other digital image to the QR cards, so that the receiver of the card can view this image by clicking on the "View Image" button on the Yprintit app rolodex. The third addition to the Yprintit application is the ability to add a video link or URL to the card, allowing a receiver to access an online video by clicking the "View Video" button (This option requires a Wi-Fi connection). 

The Yprintit website now has a guide that presents this information in a way that is easy to grasp, and is accessible on the homepage.

Yprintit supports a host of interactive features that allow people to exchange virtual business cards and interact socially at the same time, making it a truly social business application. Currently, users of the app can create professionally designed digital business cards for free using over 1500 agency quality templates. Digital cards created can also be shared as a unique free QR code with other people who have the app installed on their mobile device (such as an iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Android phone, etc.). Once the card is downloaded into the app-based card library or "Rolodex", the receiver can then call, email, text, or locate the address of the contact on a map, directly from the Yprintit application.

The new features guide is available on the Yprintit.com homepage and clearly displays information about the new Yprintit features and how they can be accessed by the user.

"From its humble roots in a green philosophy that the business cards of today should be electronic to help save the environment, Yprintit has grown to become an electronic business card application with thousands of users around the world who use it daily to create and share digital QR Code cards on devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. We have provided a guide on the website that clearly explains the latest business and social networking features of the application." says Taso Panagiotopoulos, Company Principal.

The new Yprintit features add to the business and social networking aspects of the app and extend the functionality and attractiveness of Yprintit as a modern QR code social and business networking tool. The Yprintit website provides a guide to these new features that is clear and easy to understand, allowing users to get to grips with the latest features of this ground-breaking QR code app.

Yprintit is available for iPhone, and Android devices. Yprintit is a free application. To view Yprintit support videos that provide information about the features of the application, how to use, and any product updates, visit the Yprintit channel on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/yprintit/videos.

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