Quiz Pic: Quiz Em All With Your Own Photo Puzzles

QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Pics (AppStore Link)
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QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Pics
Developer: The Onex Group B.V.
Price: free Download on the App Store

1XGames studio introduces QuizPic 1.0 for iOS, a new engaging app giving everyone a chance to create custom mini-games by themselves. After transforming any photo into a tricky puzzle or a quiz, users can challenge their friends with these freshly made brainteasers. Fueled by people's inexhaustible imagination, QuizPic becomes a truly never-ending source of unique gaming experience.

QuizPic involves users into a quick, simple but no less addictive process of game creating. Selecting an opponent comes first, which can be done randomly, via Facebook, or email. Once users are through with that, they just need to pick a photo from the album or capture a new shot on the go and then instantly turn it into a quiz: tile puzzle, swirl puzzle or a classic pic quiz with a question. To make it even more challenging, players are free to add misleading answers to their quizzes.

QuizPic is all about interaction between players, presupposing a two-way brain attack. Users can fully enjoy puzzling friends along with testing their own savvy and solving quizzes sent to them. Cracking every other puzzle brings more coins that can be spent on unlocking other great games in the Puzzle Shop.

"We believe there's virtue in discovery which is why we try to imagine long term relationships between gamers and applications. It's great when users can not just play a game, but feel they are a part of it. QuizPic is exactly the kind of game getting you immersed into the fun process. Moreover, QuizPic represents a game within a game, offering two additional games to unlock. We are going to please our users with new games released within Quiz Pic every other quarter," said Nick Porter, founder of 1XGames.

QuizPic 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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