RAMPage Soccer for iPad: Foosball Meets Pinball in Fast-paced Shooting Game


Ruma Studioshas released a new fast-paced iPad game called RAMPage Soccer. "RAMPage Soccer is definitely not your usual soccer game," said Luke Kellett, CEO of Ruma Studios. "It's an exciting fast-paced shootout like you've never seen before!"

Crazy Pinball Battle (AppStore Link)
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Crazy Pinball Battle
Developer: Ruma Studios
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This unique sports game combines foosball, soccer, pinball, and shooting games to create an entirely original shootout action game. Players shoot, score, and win the game by firing small colored marbles at the soccer ball, pushing it toward their opponent's goal. But their opponent is firing back at them in a lighting-fast shootout.

Featured in "What's Hot" for Sports in the US and Australia, RAMPage Soccer is quickly becoming popular among soccer lovers looking for a new take on their favorite game. "It's a classic table top soccer game with all the action of the stadium brought to your iPad," Luke Kellett said. "Attack, defend, and get all up in your opponent's face with no red card!"

RAMPage Soccer Gameplay Video

RAMPage Soccer offers two original ways to play: "Classic" and "Penalty Shootout".

In Classic mode, players swipe their fingers to launch small colored marbles, pushing the soccer ball toward their opponent's goal. But they're firing back, pushing the soccer ball back. To challenge their soccer skills, players can choose from three difficulty levels: Slow 'n' Easy, Normal, and RAMPage.

In Penalty Shootout mode, the soccer ball is shot right at the player, who must act quickly to defend their goal by firing back. Players try to score a goal and can earn bonus points for how far down the table they hit the ball.

Features of RAMPage Soccer for iPad

⇒ Innovative new sports game: In this table top soccer game, players score as many goals as they can by firing marbles at their opponent
⇒ Fast-moving action: Players must have quick reflexes to score goals and defend their goal when there are dozens of marbles on the field at once
⇒ Two games in one: "Classic" and "Penalty Shootout" modes offer two fun and challenging options
⇒ Play against a friend or the iPad: RAMPage Soccer features both one and two player modes
⇒ Realistic game play: Designed just for the iPad, the app features 3-D graphics and lifelike stadium sound effects
⇒ Game Center integration: Players can challenge their friends to a game

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