Recosoft ships PDF to JPEG, PNG and TIFF converter apps for iOS

PDF to JPEG by PDF2Office - the PDF Converter for iPad (AppStore Link)
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PDF to JPEG by PDF2Office - the PDF Converter for iPad
Developer: Recosoft Corporation
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Recosoft Corporation the developers of PDF2Office, the PDF conversion product for OmniGraffle, MS Office and Apple iWork; pioneers of the PDF-to-InDesign Adobe plug-in, PDF2ID; and creators of the InDesign-to-PowerPoint and InDesign-to-Word technology, ID2Office has shipped PDF to JPEG converters for the iPhone and iPad.

PDF to JPEG for the iPhone and iPad are based on the popular Mac PDF2Office technology, converting PDFs to JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats. Each page in the PDF is converted to separate JPEG, PNG or TIFF images. PDF to JPEG for iPhone and PDF to JPEG for iPad also include the ability to specify the resolution, compression and the range of pages to convert in a unified PDF viewing and conversion interface.

PDF to JPEG for iPhone and iPad are stand-alone apps allowing fast conversions of PDF to JPEG on the iOS devices. PDF to JPEG adds support for Dropbox and WIFI transfer modes allowing document exchange between the iOS and other platforms easily. PDF to JPEG for the iPhone and iPad also contain the capability to convert any specific area of a page using the Area Select Tool.

PDF2Office family of products converts PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages Numbers, Text, JPEG, PNG and other common files.

Key Features:

PDF to JPEG for iPhone:
* Convert PDF to JPEG or PNG formats allowing to you to specify resolutions of between 72 and 400 ppi.

PDF to JPEG for iPad:
* Convert PDF to JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats allowing resolutions of up to 400 ppi.

Convert any area to JPEG or PNG formats:
* Mark any area in a PDF page and convert just the selected area

Dropbox support and WIFI Transfer mode:
* Access PDF files from your Dropbox account and transfer the converted results back to your Dropbox account. Transfer files wirelessly between the iPhone and other devices via WIFI transfer mode (Dropbox support at present is available on the iPhone edition only).

PDF to JPEG by PDF2Office for iPhone is $4.99 (USD). PDF to JPEG by PDF2Office for iPad $4.99. Both apps are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. For more information on PDF converters and conversion solutions, visit Recosoft online.

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