Reggie Ashworth releases Socializer for iOS 1.0 - MultiAccount Posting

Socializer - MultiAccount Posting (AppStore Link)
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Socializer - MultiAccount Posting
Developer: Reggie Ashworth
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Independent software developer Reggie Ashworth, in collaboration with Sebastian Tischer, have announced Socializer 1.0, a brand-new social networking app for iOS. Socializer is your daily dose of social media in one hand. With Socializer you can post simultaneously to unlimited, Twitter & Facebook (pages & timeline) accounts without ever leaving the app.

Multiple Services - Unlimited Accounts:
* Add unlimited accounts of the following services:
* Twitter
* Facebook (Pages & Timeline)

* Simultaneously post to Facebook, and Twitter at the same time
* No more need to open 3 different apps or go to a buggy web interface

* Create groups (like a smartfilter or an alias)
* Only add the accounts or pages (Facebook) you want to see while posting
* For example, make a group "work" and put all work accounts in to only see them and never post to the wrong account again

* Save your typed message as a draft and reuse it later whenever you wish
* Keep drafts if you like so that you will never lose a specific text again

* Add all photos from your iPhone you want to post

* No more need to remember character limitations
* Socializer will show you when you reach each limit
* You will also see when your post is cut off due extensive use of characters

Socializer 1.0 is the initial release of this new social networking app. More features/services are planned for the future.

For a limited time, Socializer 1.0 is currently $0.99 USD (Regular price is $1.99) or equivalent amount in other currencies and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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