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Oil Traders´ Word(s) (AppStore Link)
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Oil Traders´ Word(s)
Developer: Stefan van Woenzel
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Stefan van Woenzel introduces The Oil Traders' Word(s) 1.0 for iOS and Android, a new app for Oil Trading and logistic professionals. The app has been originated from the book "The Oil Traders' Word(s)" which is written by Stefan van Woenzel. That book was published in August 2012 and after being positively received in the oil market it was decided to start developing the book as an app.

The book "The Oil Traders' Word(s)" was released in August 2012. The book was written by Stefan van Woenzel who is currently working for, the Norwegian State Oil Company, Statoil ASA.

Stefan van Woenzel has been working in the oil industry in Europe in various logistic and trading positions, such as Gasoline Trading, Heavy Fuel Oil Trading and Crude Oil Trading. Currently Stefan van Woenzel is working as Originator/Business developer for Crude trading activity. The 25 years of experience made it possible to have seen and heard a lot of expressions and definitions passing the business area "Oil trading and Logistics".

The book is unique and is therefore the first Oil definition book made available which gives a "complete" overview of the jargon used in the oil business.

The book is written to help people working in the oil industry to understand the oil language. Oil is expensive and mistakes in communication can be expensive. The book is meant as a tool helping new people starting their career in the oil business.

As the oil market responded positive on the book being published, it was decided by Stefan van Woenzel to invest in the app. The app contains all content as written in the book and is a perfect tool to have during meetings, conferences and discussions.

The App has been developed by a professional company Appsonite in Norway.

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