Resume Star Became Best Resume App using a Disruptive Business Model

Resume Star: Pro CV Maker and Resume Designer with PDF Output to Help You Score that Job Interview and Advance your Career (AppStore Link)
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Resume Star: Pro CV Maker and Resume Designer with PDF Output to Help You Score that Job Interview and Advance your Career
Developer: Qrayon, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

App studio Qrayon today announced that over 57,000 copies of Resume Star have been downloaded in the past 4 weeks. The App was hand picked for the "Grow Your Career" Apple Editorial, and has earned a solid 5-Star user rating, with over 549 unique ratings since its launch only 15 weeks ago, making Resume Star the clear favorite Resume Designer App in the iOS App Store.

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Resume Star has a unique purchase model: Users can download it completely for free, and use all the features to produce and submit unlimited resumes. The App is fully unlocked. There are no hidden fees or limitations, and the product is ad free.

Only after you get an interview are you asked to pay for Resume Star, using the secure in-app purchase and at your own discretion.

This works like the classic shareware model, where the developers put their trust completely in their users. In an age where top charts are increasingly filled with Apps that use exploitative and anti-user business models, this is a refreshing change.

Resume Star's popularity also shows that more people than ever are applying for jobs using their phones and tablets.

Full Featured App:
Resume Star packs all the features you would expect and need to create a precision targeted and professionally typeset resume, including the ability to:

* Create cross-platform compatible PDF resumes
* Create a targeted cover letter for each company, properly addressed
* Create unlimited resumes, one for each company if you want
* Email resumes directly
* Print in-App right from your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch
* Use pre-defined sections or create custom ones
* Rearrange sections to suit your needs
* Automatically spell check to help avoid typos
* Optional fine adjustments to text and margin sizes to fit the page
* Show live previews on the iPad

Resume Star also includes 10 professionally drafted examples to provide a starting point, or inspiration.

Resume Star 1.6 is available in the App Store worldwide in the Productivity category. It is free to download and completely unrestricted to use. You can create and send as many resumes as you need. There are no ads or limits on functionality. Only after you get invited to an interview do you need to pay for Resume Star using a secure in-app purchase. It's currently $3.99 (USD) for a standard purchase, and if you had an especially good experience, you can choose to give Qrayon an additional U.S. $9.99 as a bonus.

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