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Coloring Farm Touch To Color Activity Coloring Book For Kids and Family Preschool Starter Edition (AppStore Link)
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Coloring Farm Touch To Color Activity Coloring Book For Kids and Family Preschool Starter Edition
Developer: Eggroll Games LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

From Eggroll Games, maker of Whose Toes Are Those and Jungle Jam comes Touch To Color Farm, a revolutionary new coloring experience for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad designed specifically for toddlers. With Touch To Color Farm, children discover hidden items and complete fun farm activities in a barnyard full of cute characters and silly scenery! A new story unfolds on each page as simple interactions fill the screen with color.

Keeping it simple and frustration free, toddlers simply touch characters and scenery to fill them with color. Children never get overwhelmed by choices or stuck in a hard-to-navigate color selection menu. An adorable bouncing pig guides even the youngest players from one touch to the next ensuring the fun never ends. Lots of interactions like collecting carrots, stacking sheep, exploring the barn and finding ducklings!

How To Play:
Simply touch to color page after page of cute cows, duck, pigs and more. New items appear in a sequence that tells a story. Color the tree and apples grow, touch each apple to put it in the basket! Now touch the barn door... What's that inside? A new friend to color!

"We've found that young players are often overwhelmed by complicated interfaces in coloring book apps. In Touch to Color Farm, instead of navigating menus, children are engaged through discovery and imagination." said Blake Leftwich of Eggroll Games. "Touch the cow and his spots appear, touch the eggs and they hatch revealing a new character to color. These interactions teach children association while keeping them entertained."

Touch To Color Farm 1.0 is available for free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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  • Lee Ann

    I tried this app with a 3 year old student who was quickly frustrated by the fact that he could not choose his own colors. Does NOT promote creativity.