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The Math Mage
Developer: RGH Games LLC
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

RGH Games (a division of Rubicon Group Holding) today announced the release of The Math Mage, a wildly entertaining math-based RPG adventure for iPad2 that puts magical power in numbers and math in a battle to defeat an invasion of monsters. The announcement was made by Randa Ayoubi, CEO.

The Math Mage was created to entertain children through a unique and engaging fantasy adventure which will ultimately sharpen math skills as a means to winning the battle. Based on a concept created by Art Director Thomas Williams, the talented team at RGH Games developed and produced The Math Mage under the guidance of RGH Game Producer Amer Sayyed and mathematics and education specialist Bakarat Alshehab, M.Sc., High Diploma, B.Sc.

"The Math Mage game takes children on a journey of excitement that not only entertains game players but helps to sharpen their math skills along the way. We are thrilled with this latest release and applaud our games division for creatively infusing magic into numbers and math, and furthering the RGH mission to bring the world all you can imagine," said Ayoubi.

The Math Mage is a unique fantasy game where magic goes by the numbers and mathematic skills are the key to defeating monsters. The game features vibrantly colorful 3D graphics and intricately themed worlds where gamers can unlock powerful spells, cast evil into oblivion one equation at a time and go from Alchemist's apprentice to ultimate Math Mage along the way.

Sayyed explains: "The Math Mage makes learning fun because mathematical prowess is the ultimate strategy for winning the game. The game's dynamic battling controls turn math into intuitive game playing action with an immersive fantasy driven storyline that engages and holds the interest of players through many levels."

Features of The Math Mage include:
- Exciting adventures where mental arithmetic is the key to defeating monsters
- Explore different worlds - Play through 6 amazing levels including a bushy forest, dark mines, the town of Wearie and more before facing the ultimate monster
- Practice your math skills against a range of monsters made out of plants, smoke and stone
- More than 200 math equations to solve and 4 difficulty levels
- Suitable for all children as well as young-at-heart adults

The Math Mage 1.1 is currently available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category for $1.99.

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  • Rawish

    I have checked the trailer out on YouTube and that's what made me buy the game. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the game, the amazing adventure it offers. My kids love it and they are having so much fun playing the game (and I am happy they are learning something).
    Definitely a must-buy!

  • muradAbuJaish

    Good Game,

    recommended for all people,

    nice work.

  • mougth

    this is cool,,remember,,you won't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing,,\m/

  • Gharaibeh

    fantastic.........................educational and entertaining........great jobs........
    its the best way to teach and learn Math throw amazing game like that

  • Aladdin

    Amazing game! the concept is brilliant, it works really well.

    2 Thumbs Up!

  • maysoon

    Amazing game :)