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Rhythm Rooms
Developer: Sarah Norris
Price: free Download on the App Store

Percussion Rooms in collaboration with Fan Studio today is proud to announce the release of Rhythm Rooms 1.0, its new educational interactive music app.

Rhythm Rooms is an interactive percussion app suitable for 4+ years. You can listen to the different sounds instruments make on their own or played together in a band.

You can learn and copy given rhythms or you can play and create your own. You can experiment and try out new instrument combinations giving different instruments to Jake, Sophie, Natasha and Louie.

The kids will be able to listen and then reproduce different rhythms by playing instruments like: djembe, bongo, conga, udu, maracas, cow bell, guiro, castanets, tambourine, triangle and cabasa.

The application is composed of a corridor with 5 doors:
* Jake and Sophie's Rooms have a metronome which helps learn to keep time
* Go through the 3rd door. In the Music Room you can try out your own rhythms on 14 different instruments and shakers
* Through the 4th door is the Play Room where you can have fun with Jake, Sophie, Natasha and Louie. Select one or more instruments and create your own unique band sounds. There are different tempos in this room to try too.
* The last door is a door to the outside where you will find a Scarecrow. Listen to the scarecrow's song and make up your own scarecrow dance moves. Some of his joints make interesting sounds! Complete the Scarecrow's dance and you will get a reward.

The app has been designed to give young children an incredible audio and visual experience through its wide range of music sounds and rhythms and it's fabulous original graphics.

Rhythm Rooms 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store and Google Play Store in the Games category.

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