Classroom iPads Become Digital Flash-Based Textbooks with Rover Web Browser

Rover - The Browser for Education (AppStore Link)
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Rover - The Browser for Education
Developer: iSWiFTER Learn Inc
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iSwifter Learn, Inc., the creators of Rover for Education, the iPad app that streams Flash-based online learning classroom content from leading content providers such as Discovery Education, Funbrain and Mathletics, today announced new features and milestones for its free iPad app.

Rover for Education now enables teachers to automatically communicate with school IT administrators to ensure the school's firewall is properly configured and meets the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Rover's firewall features also remain compliant with the school's policies even when the student uses Rover from home. 

"Rover helps school districts rapidly deploy iPads in the classroom by ensuring that safe, school-approved browsing is part of the curriculum," said Rajat Gupta, CEO of iSwifter Learn. "The new features in Rover increase usability and strengthen the increasingly important bond between educators and technology directors at schools."

Digital Textbook Controls in Rover 1.1

In addition to the firewall configuration capability, Rover 1.1 now features digital textbook controls including:

  • D-Pad -- makes it easier and intuitive for students and educators to interact with "Edutainment" content to provide more innovative ways to engage students beyond printed textbooks.
  • Feedback for finger taps -- provides visual feedback and makes it easier for students to follow the teacher's classroom instruction.
  • Support for split keyboard -- users can now hold the iPad with both hands and use their thumbs to type.
  • Enhanced audio/video -- increases student engagement though an improved user experience.

"For teachers using iPads, Flash has been the missing piece, but now, with Rover, teachers can, without switching technologies, seamlessly include web-based interactivity in their daily learning strategies," said Karen Marshall, Instructional Technology Consultant for the Mahoning County Educational Service Center, a state agency whose role includes providing professional development for educators in 15 area school districts.

iSwifter Learn also announced that Rover had climbed within the top 30 Free iPad Apps for Education in the Apple App Store.

"It's obvious to us that school is back in session and teachers are looking for the best way to use the iPad with Flash-based educational content in the classroom," said Gupta.

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