Sea Stars Update Brings New Worlds and New Price Tag — Free!

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Sea Stars
Developer: Hothead Games
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Indie developer Hothead Games today launched a significant update for the colorful side-scrolling iOS swimming game, Sea Stars. Version 1.3 introduces two new seascapes, three new swimmers, and a new sea buddy aid. Additionally, the game has been localized for Simplified Chinese, Korean, and the popular European, Swedish store. To celebrate, the updated game is now available on the App Store for FREE. 

New Sea Star Friends and Sea Buddies:

Ms. Nibbles the alligator, Perry the polar bear, and Cthathy-Loo the Great Old One are joining the adorable cast of Sea Stars, each bringing unique abilities to the sea. Ms. Nibbles hungrily snaps up the coin-stealing sea urchins, and Perry claws through freezing icebergs. The powerful Cthathy-Loo blasts through both new hazards with ease.

Storval the Whale has also joined the ranks of the helpful Sea Buddies and can glide through the water and air with the touch of a finger.

Just Keep Swimming:

Swim and master each Sea Star character to unlock two brand-new ocean worlds, Twinkling Tides and Polar Plunge.

Life Preserver items are also available to save you when you hit a hazard, along with 14 new missions, 20 new Game Center achievements, 80 unique rank titles, and permanent upgrades for Starter Jelly Shields and Speed Blasts. Now that’s enough to get any daring sea-farer excited!

Get ready to travel through uncharted waters with the Sea Stars once again! Watch the trailer to see the Sea Stars in action here...

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  • Peter Jones

    I just loved the cute characters . Its fun, colorful and cute . A lovely app to download :)