Secure erase data on iPhone/iPad with ProtectStar iShredder Pro 1.4

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iShredder Pro HD
Developer: ProtectStar Incorporated
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

If you want to sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you should definitely wipe all personal data. The ProtectStar iShredder Pro will overwrite the free storage space of the device up to 50 times. According to the guidelines of the military and intelligence services this is sufficient to destroy the original information completely.

In a nutshell:
- ProtectStar iShredder Pro 1.4 is a security utility app
- New app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
- Secure overwriting of free storage space
- 10 possible deletion methods
- technical support via e-mail
- Price: 3.99 US$ (limited time offer, then 4.99 US$)

Many Apple fans like to be on the cutting-edge of technology. When Apple releases a new model of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad a great number of users immediately purchase the current all-round hardware in the pocket or briefcase version.

What to do with the old model? It is often given away or sold. The problem: even though the devices are small, they often contain a whole life. Personal photos and videos, appointments, addresses, e-mails with sensitive content, internet links as well as private records in apps like Facebook, twitter or stay friends. The hardware should be thoroughly cleaned before it is passed on.

Unfortunately it is not sufficient to restore the device to the factory default condition.
Although all the apps - except for the system apps - and their data would seem to be 'deleted' and no longer appear on the home screen of the Apple devices, they would still be (invisibly) present in the flash memory and can easily be restored by using simple tools. By utilizing the ProtectStar iShredder Pro 1.4 this can be prevented.

The ProtectStar iShredder Pro is very easy to use. It can simply be transferred to the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad after they have been restored to the factory condition. Following that procedure, just start the app, select a secure erasing method and press start. The methods used are sufficient to meet the guidelines of the military or the secret service.
The free storage space containing invisible data will be overwritten and this consequently ensures that it cannot be recovered. Subsequently, the devices can be safely sold or given away.

The Pro- and the Pro HD version of the ProtectStar iShredder offers ten top notch deletion methods) which work as follows:

- 1 Cycle: Delete with 0xFF
- 1 Cycle: Random numbers
- 3 Cycles: DoD 5220.22-M E
- 3 Cycles: US AR380-19
- 3 Cycles: HMG InfoSec No. 5
- 4 Cycles: DoD 5220.22 SSD
- 7 Cycles: DoD 5220.22 ECE
- 8 Cycles: BSI TL-03423
- 35 Cycles: Gutmann Method
- 50 Cycles: ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm

ProtectStar iShredder Pro (1.6 MB) for iPhone and iPod touch and the ProtectStar iShredder Pro HD (2.0 MB) for iPad can be found under the category 'Utilities' in the iTunes/AppStore. The apps are priced at US$ 3.99 for a limited time offer only, then US$ 4.99.

via PR Mac

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