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iVigilo Smartcam Remote (AppStore Link)
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iVigilo Smartcam Remote
Developer: Naboo BV
Price: free Download on the App Store

Naboo introduces the iVigilo Smartcam Remote 1.0 iOS app, their latest addition to the iVigilo Smartcam audio and video surveillance family of apps. Smartcam Remote establishes a direct link to the iVigilo Smartcam app running on iOS and or Mac OS X, through which the user can select which active camera they want to view.

Furthermore, Smartcam Remote allows the user to control the surveillance functions of the active Smartcam app, like face or motion detection, alerting and the audio sensor. Finally, Smartcam Remote has an Event History function, which gives the user access to all surveillance events which have been generated by any of their active Smartcams.

The combination iVigilo Smartcam for iOS and OS X with iVigilo Smartcam Remote strengthens the position of iVigilo Smartcam as the leading audio and video surveillance system for iOS and Mac OS X.

Applications vary from an advanced baby monitor, to "mobile security" for business and leisure travelers by securing the travelers hotel room or holiday homes, to an audio and video security system for private residences and small office/home office users.

Feature Highlights:
Basic Free Functionality -
* View your remote iVigilo Smartcam for iOS and Mac OS X:
- iVigilo Smartcam Remote identifies automatically all the users active Smartcam apps
- Live preview images of all camera's are shown in Smartcam Remote
- The user can select which camera to view full screen
* Event History:
- A chronological event history with all surveillance events from all Smartcams can be accessed directly from within Smartcam Remote

In-app modules -
* All iVigilo apps integrate a powerfull mechanism for adding functionality to the basic Smartcam apps, called iVigilo EXtensions. The following EX's are available for Smartcam Remote:
- Control EX - The Control EX gives the user remote access to the surveillance functions of each Smartcam. With this EX it is possible to turn alerting and all sensors which are active on the Smartcam on or off
- The Control EX allows for remote switching between front or back camera on an iDevice runnng Smartcam or switching to additional USB or IP camera's when communicating with Smartcam for Mac OS X
* Multicamera EX: If a user has multiple Smartcam apps running, the Multicam EX will allow him to view and manage all camera's at the same time

iVigilo Smartcam Remote 1.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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