shake2u Invites Users to Shake iPhones Together to Transfer Files

shake2u - a secure way to transfer files via bluetooth and wifi (AppStore Link)
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shake2u - a secure way to transfer files via bluetooth and wifi
Developer: Wenjoy Technology Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

When you are together with friends and want to share something out of your phone, do you fumble through your phone and email, take several times to get your friend's address right, wait for the slow transfer and ruin the exciting moment? Now, with shake2u, you can avoid all the trouble while adding more fun in sharing by just shaking your iPhones together and sending files instantly through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Wenjoy Technologies, a Taiwanese software company that became well-known for their popular iPhone/iPad apps like OrganiDoc and OrganiDoc HD, has released yet another attractive mobile application for file sharing between iPhone users. With the special designed technology of matching and transferring, shake2u relieves the users from going through conventional cumbersome steps to send files between iPhones. When two iPhones are shaken together, a connection is automatically established, except that a confirmation is needed if it's the first time. After establishing the connection, various files in the phones, including photos and contacts, can be transferred quickly and easily.

Security and privacy is another forte of shake2u. Unlike using email where you have no control after sending out the file, shake2u empowers you to subsequently protect the file you send by setting it to be "No protection", "Read only", "Detele when expired" or "Detele after browsing". By setting it to "Read only", you limit the file to be viewable on your friend's shake2u only and cannot be further distributed by email or other app, or saved to Photo Album and PC. By setting to "Detele when expired", the file will be automatically destroyed after the time you choose. You share your files free of worries.

Wenjoy Technology has always been striving to provide users with innovative and easy file management on iOS. shake2u is Wenjoy's new achievement of bringing ease, fun and control to iPhone users to share photos, contacts and documents using WiFi or Bluetooth anywhere, anytime. Currently, besides the full-functional version, there is a free Lite trial version available. Start to experience the fun of sharing by shake2u!

shake2u 1.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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