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eFax - Mobile phone fax app (AppStore Link)
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eFax - Mobile phone fax app
Developer: j2 Global, Inc.
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Cloud-based service provider eFax has unveiled an enhanced iPhone app with a new digitized signature feature. The new app enables mobile professional subscribers to easily sign, approve or initial important business documents such as contracts or invoices directly from their smartphone. The app also offers professionals the ability to manage their documents quickly and conveniently, without being reliant on access to a computer or printer. eFax is online at www.efax.com.

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to be more efficient. Rather than holding up the momentum of business while away from their desks, eFax users can now drop digitized signatures onto all kinds of documents including time sheets, expense reports and invoices without having to return to a desk to print, sign and forward hard copies. Documents that need a signature can be faxed to a user's eFax account to add a digitized signature in a snap. The approved document can then be sent along via email or fax. 

"eFax users expressed the need to provide approvals and authorizations in a simple and quick way when away from their desks," said Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing for j2 Global. "For our customers who spend time in airports, taxis, conference rooms, and customer sites, the app now includes the ability to add their digitized signature to documents right from their iPhone."

In addition to digitized signature, the enhanced eFax iPhone app brings a host of mobile faxing capabilities to the popular iPhone, including the ability to:

  • Create and send faxes: take photos of documents and the app will enhance the images, combine them, and fax them out just like a fax machine.
  • View and search faxes: quickly view and search all received faxes. Faxes are converted to searchable documents using optical character recognition technology, allowing them to be acted upon anywhere, anytime.
  • Use cover sheets and contact lists: create customized fax cover sheets and use the iPhone contact list to easily populate them.
  • Tag and archive faxes: add search tags to individual faxes and archive them for convenient access later.
  • Send documents by email: send or forward stored documents directly from the app as email attachments.

eFax is a pioneer in the digital fax business, with a string of technology and business firsts dating back to 1988. Twenty-two years after its start, eFax remains an important communications tool for individuals and companies of all sizes, from sole proprietors with a single fax number to Fortune 500 companies with thousands of fax numbers.

To learn more about j2 Global's cloud services for business brands, visit www.j2.com.

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