SillyTale MahJong 2.4 for iPad - The Impregnable Pyramid

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SillyTale MahJong HD
Developer: Petr Mizerov
Price: free Download on the App Store

Silly Tale studio has introduced SillyTale Mahjong HD 2.4, an update to their popular solitaire game for iPad. This update is primarily intended for those who find it difficult to solve the most difficult layouts. Many players have already faced impregnable Pyramid, the chances of a solution which is very small, and they are desperate.

Layout "Pyramid" is not developer's invention, but the classic game, of which the chances solving are small. It must be included in order to introduce the most complex layout and to those who had yet to solve it, felt like mahjong heroes. - By the way we have two here in Silly Tale studio.

At the time, the game developers check all the layout with your own hands and spend a lot of time, the Pyramid, with its extreme level of complexity has forced to spend months on the manual check. Therefore, SillyTale created an algorithm behavior of the player, wrote a program that automatically solves mahjong, and accelerated this process.

The results were disappointing. If the rapid solution of complex layout "7 thousand steps" by the bot program took an hour, then the Pyramid's took 10 hours. SillyTale has decided to give an extra shuffle at the start of the game.
Now player will start this layout with two bonus shuffle, which will increase their chances in half. Additional shuffle which the player acquired via In-App will stack with this bonus. The developers hope this will help to facilitate the game.

Feature Highlights:
* Favorite layout "The Turtle" and more (normal, hard, very hard and extreme difficulty)
* Hard classic game
* Hint and Undo
* Music and sound control
* Saving when exit and goes to background
* Unique scoring
* In-App Purchases "Shuffle 3" and "Shuffle 10" bonus
* Game Center achievements
* Multiplayer Duels

Unlike other single-player MahJong games, this one includes unprecedented ergonomics, levels of difficulty, gameplay action, photo-realistic tiles, and optional hints. The innovative design features of SillyTale MahJong for iPad allow users to enjoy gameplay on any iDevice, including the iPhone.

On launch in landscape orientation, the game allows the user to choose from 12 different symmetrical, tile-stacking designs for the puzzle they want to solve. All initial position, geometrically stacked piles of stones consist of all 144 tiles, and each is rated from two to five stars in difficulty. The app includes integrated Facebook and Twitter connectivity for sharing games, free hints after 60 seconds without a move, continuing paused games, and soothing Chinese music. Two players can collaborate on a single puzzle or compete against each other.

SillyTale MahJong HD 2.4 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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