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iSoundSleep Premium: ambient sound & voice for tinnitus (AppStore Link)
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iSoundSleep Premium: ambient sound & voice for tinnitus
Developer: Michael Kim
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Natural sounds are part of the App and different ones like ocean, birds, water, river, rain and lots more are in-built for a soothing experience. For times when sleep just does not come easy, iSoundSleep make sure to provide a healthy sleeping journey. User interface has been carefully designed for maximum performance from the ground up. Alarm clocks and timers are part of the core system. Adjust brightness to match it to the surrounding.

* Updated 48 perfectly looped ambient sounds! (32 sounds for free version)
* 2 recorded voices of meditation entertainment! (1 voice for free version)
* Background audio support so you can relax while using other app
* Play your mix of favorite sounds together with different volume to create your own personal melodies and get infinite possibilities
* High quality graphics with unique stars and clouds animation effects
* Include off the shelf favorites and alarms for easy startup
* Create, Save, Name, Sort and Replay your favorites easily
* Advanced Alarms & Timers system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed
* Clock display(landscape and portrait) with brightness adjustment and 7 different beautiful themes
* Twitter and Facebook integration
* Natural iPhone/iPod support including iPhone5 Retina display

iSoundSleep revitalizes the body and mind for a healthier lifestyle.

iSoundSleep Premium is priced at $1.99 It is available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Health and Fitness category. A free lite version is also available on the App Store.

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