Track Your Sleep Cycle with HD Update to Smart Alarm Clock for iPad

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Viaden Mobile, a prominent Health & Fitness app producer, today is pleased to announce the long-awaited iPad version of its hit app, Smart Alarm Clock. Buffed up with new features and boasting a totally different design, Smart Alarm Clock for iPad: sleep cycles & noise recording is not only a reliable sleep cycle tracker and alarm clock, but also the perfect nightstand companion.

"After the success of Smart Alarm Clock for iPhone/iPod touch we've decided to bring the app to a higher level," says Yuri Gurski, Viaden Mobile CEO. "Having updated it with some new handy features we've got an app that's absolutely worth it to be installed on a top-line device such as iPad." 

The start view of the app shows a full-screen clock face with adjustable themes: classic, analog and digital. It is also possible to use pictures from the device's photo library as the clock background. In addition to the classic features the developers threw in a weather widget which shows the current weather conditions (temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, humidity and pressure) as well as a forecast for the user's area for the next 6 days.

The immediate functionality of the app has remained unchanged. Users still get to choose one of 4 alarm clock modes: with or without sleep cycle/noise monitoring and alarm sound.

The unique feature of the app — noise recording — is still in place, too. Smart Alarm Clock for iPad allows users to play back the noise disturbances, overlaying the recording with the sleep cycle graph. This gives users a chance to optimize their sleeping environment and as a result get more healthy sleep. All noises and sleep statistics can be shared with friends with the help of the Facebook and Twitter plug-ins, or sent by e-mail.

To give users an ability to add a personal touch to the app, Smart Alarm Clock for iPad provides customizable sound settings. The app provides a number of tunes for awakening and falling asleep; users' own titles from the iPod playlist as well as binaural beats and guided meditation tracks can also be added to the selection.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Ian

    Installed this app but it will not record sounds. Have set sensitivity to high. Test acknowledges visually and with sound. However it does not record.

    As well, seem you have to leave iPad on you bed for it to record ?? Movements? Sound?

    I am baffled.

    Seems to be a wast of time and money. Only reason to purchase is to record sounds and it will not do that.